Att välja halkbana i Stockholm

30 Apr 2021

Bor man i Sverige och vill köra bil får man acceptera att det är halt ungefär 5 månader om året. Våra vägar, parkeringar, gator och andra ytor blir täckta med snö och is och att köra bil på detta är något helt annorlunda jämfört med att köra på barmark med torr asfalt. Det är också [...]

Högskoleprovet – Swedish University Admittance Exam

21 Jun 2011

The Högskoleprovet is a university admittance exam in Sweden. When applying for a course or study program in a college or university in Sweden, part of the applicants are admitted on the basis of their high school grades and part based on their Högskoleprovet exam results. The exam can be taken twice each year, once [...]

Legal Recruitment Services

28 Jan 2011

Looking for Financial & Legal Recruitment Services & Jobs? The Sellick Partnership has offices in Manchester, Midlands, Leeds & Newcastle.Sellick Partnership provide professional financial and legal recruitment services across a network of five offices nationwide. Specialising in the legal and financial sectors within the private, public and not for profit sectors, we are able to [...]

Study aids

17 Jan 2011

Study aids website can help you when you are so occupied that you do not even have time to attend lectures. Of course, then another question arise, should you enter the university at all ... Anyway, situations vary and if you had time for studies six months ago, it doesn't mean you will have time [...]

UK Theory Test

14 Jan 2011

UK Theory test pass is needed to get the driving licence. And that's not all, you need also to pass practical driving test. For this goal it is important to practice driving theory and practical driving. Your chances on both these tests depends on your knowledge and how comfortable you feel behind the wheel. It [...]

Swedish driving theory test

14 Jan 2011

Practice Swedish theory test (teoriprov) and get a swedish driving license e.g körkort When learners reach the age of 18 they can apply for a Theory test, in Sweden called Kunskapsprov. A minimum score of 52 out of 65 theory questions e.g teoriprov are required to pass the test. Student also must attend a hazard [...]