Swedish driving theory test

Practice Swedish theory test (teoriprov) and get a swedish driving license e.g körkort

When learners reach the age of 18 they can apply for a Theory test, in Sweden called Kunskapsprov. A minimum score of 52 out of 65 theory questions e.g teoriprov are required to pass the test.

Student also must attend a hazard lesson in Swedish called Riskutbildning. It normally takes place at a track which is sprayed with oil to make it slippery. First, students learn about the human factor and then other dangers in traffic; then they drive the course and try to make the car spin so they can learn to control it during such situations.

Students then take a driving test. If they pass, a driver's licence is granted; it usually comes by mail a few days later. Until then newly licenced drivers are given a temporary licence (valid for a year). The licences are issued by the Swedish Transport Agency Trafikverket. Both tests and fully valid identity document is needed.

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14 Jan 2011