If I can’t change the world, I will change my business with the invoicing software

It is raining outside. I will be wet to the skin if I go outside. I would never do this unless I need to do invoicing. I need to deliver letters with invoices to the post office. The weather doesn’t care about me and my invoicing. So I put all letters into plastic bag to make them safe from rain and go to the post office which is 20 minutes away from my office. I go to work without my car, because it is hard to find parking place in city center. I had been doing like this for about three years until I heard about invoicing software. Now I remember past with laughing. How could I be that diligent to deliver invoices to the post? Now I am lazier. And why should I do things that could be done by software?!

When my friends ask me how can I manage an enterprise and have a lot of free time, I recommend them invoicing software that I really enjoy. I spend some time in the morning to do invoicing. When I have extra time I check orders during the day and also send invoices to the customers. For some orders that are regularly (ex. monthly) I have specific feature called recurring invoices. I don’t know whether every invoicing software provide this feature. But my software provides. If you are looking for software, check if they provide all necessary features.

I feel comfortable when I am working with my “invoicing assistant”. The software nowadays is very smart. We understand each other very good. What I appreciate in invoicing software is that I don’t need to go to some courses to get started. I just open the program and after some time I already understand everything I need. I don’t think that I am very advanced user of different computer programs, but I spend most of my working time working with computer. Maybe this helped me to get started with electronic invoicing software. Anyway I think invoicing software is usually full of Help and FAQ, so it is not complicated to work with it. If you don’t know computer very good I will advise you to ask for help you children. Trust me, they will show you everything you need for sure.

31 Jul 2012