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Hotell ställer höga miljökrav till transformatorer

26 feb 2013

Unitrafo har levererat de två transformatorer som är hjärtat i elförsörjningen av det nya hotellet Triple Towers vid Svenska Mässan – som genom det nya tornet och påbyggnaden av East Tower blir ett av Europas fem största hotell. – Vår ambition är att hotellet ska bli miljöcertifierat både vad gäller produkter och processer i systemet.

Vi har utgått från det brittiska och europeiska miljöklassningssystemet BREEAM, men har velat lyfta oss lite till, hitta punkter där vi kan bli ännu bättre, uppger Patrik Albertsson, byggprojektledare på Svenska Mässan. – Därför blev vi glada när vi såg Unitrafos transformatorer som ger mycket låga energiförluster. Priset är alltid viktigt, men det får inte gå ut över de kvalitets- och miljökrav vi ställer. Här har man kombinerat bra pris med god verkningsgrad.

Det handlar om två gjuthartsisolerade transformatorer på 1250 kVA, typ miljö +, som ger mycket låga värme/effektförluster. – Att vi valde Unitrafo berodde på att de lämnade den lägsta offerten inom ramen för de krav vi ställde på produkterna. I en sådan här upphandling där miljökraven är så högt ställda har man bara ett visst antal leverantörer att välja på. Vi handlar ju själva inom ramen för vad vår entreprenad får kosta. Vi kunde erbjuda det bästa paketet till det bästa priset, kommenterar Christian Åkerlund, VD på Elektra Elteknik.

– Vårt företag är själva kvalitets-och miljöcertifierade enligt ISO 9001, ISO 14001 och OHSAS 18001 och har höga egna krav på oss att alltid leverera produkter som håller måttet när det gäller pris, prestanda och miljösäkerhet.


  • GothiaTowers får med det nya tornet drygt 1 200 rum. Tillkommande yta: 40 000 m².
  • Det nya tornet blir 100 meter högt och därmed Göteborgs näst högsta byggnad efter Lisebergstornet.
  • Nuvarande East Tower byggs på till en höjd av 82 meter. De tre tornen binds samman med inglasade broar, 55 meter över mark. Det nya tornet får tio hissar,alla tornen får utanpåliggande panoramahissar.
  • Hela hotellet certifieras enligt den internationella miljöstandarden BREEAM.

If I can’t change the world, I will change my business with the invoicing software

31 jul 2012

It is raining outside. I will be wet to the skin if I go outside. I would never do this unless I need to do invoicing. I need to deliver letters with invoices to the post office. The weather doesn’t care about me and my invoicing. So I put all letters into plastic bag to make them safe from rain and go to the post office which is 20 minutes away from my office. I go to work without my car, because it is hard to find parking place in city center. I had been doing like this for about three years until I heard about invoicing software. Now I remember past with laughing. How could I be that diligent to deliver invoices to the post? Now I am lazier. And why should I do things that could be done by software?!

When my friends ask me how can I manage an enterprise and have a lot of free time, I recommend them invoicing software that I really enjoy. I spend some time in the morning to do invoicing. When I have extra time I check orders during the day and also send invoices to the customers. For some orders that are regularly (ex. monthly) I have specific feature called recurring invoices. I don’t know whether every invoicing software provide this feature. But my software provides. If you are looking for software, check if they provide all necessary features.

I feel comfortable when I am working with my “invoicing assistant”. The software nowadays is very smart. We understand each other very good. What I appreciate in invoicing software is that I don’t need to go to some courses to get started. I just open the program and after some time I already understand everything I need. I don’t think that I am very advanced user of different computer programs, but I spend most of my working time working with computer. Maybe this helped me to get started with electronic invoicing software. Anyway I think invoicing software is usually full of Help and FAQ, so it is not complicated to work with it. If you don’t know computer very good I will advise you to ask for help you children. Trust me, they will show you everything you need for sure.

Invoicing software is a solution for your business

29 mar 2012

Invoicing is an integral part of business. Invoice management is one of the factors that impacts success of your business. Also the way of billing is changing and adapting to clients and market needs. You may even not be aware of some new features that invoicing software provides nowadays. First of all explore the market and find invoicing system that is suitable for your business and meets your requirements.

How to choose invoicing software?

The main criteria you can use when choosing invoicing program are price, features and how suitable for your business the program is. The price is various. But it depends on the number of provided features. Also notice that online invoicing software is advantageous than one that is installed on your computer. You can reach online invoicing program from every computer. Online system let you work from home, from abroad or being on the way to somewhere.

If you want your invoicing software be up-to-date, choose the one that provides sending invoices right to customer’s e-mails, allows making recurring invoices and provides opportunity to register and administrate incoming payments. Also program can send automatic reminders to customers.  All that features makes your business management easier.

You can say that you still don’t need invoicing software, because you can create invoices by yourself. It’s because you have nothing to compare with. Trust me, invoicing software saves your time, so you could spend it to your business development. Once you try invoicing program, you will see the difference. And in general, we are living in 21st century and should use the gadgets that progress provides.


Golf holidays in Thailand

16 feb 2012

Holidays in ThailandThailand is the most appropriate place for golf players because of its climate and high-class golf courses. There is everything to make your holidays in Thailand perfect.

Thailand is a heaven for golf lovers. There are over 150 golf courses. You can choose the most suitable location and acceptable price for the course. Imagine green grass, small rivers, wonderful landscapes and good weather. That is how golf courses looks like over Thailand all year around, although you need to know some specifics of the seasons in Thailand before planning your holidays in Thailand.

Which season to choose for your holidays in Thailand?

The period of time from November to February is called the cool season. Temperature is about 20-25°C what makes best conditions for golf players, however you have to be ready to pay higher prices and expect a big amount of visitors. Try to plan your holiday in advance, especially booking apartments.

After the cool season the hot one starts, which is lasting until May. The weather is hot and wet during this period. This season is attractive for tourists because of the big discounts. If you feel comfortable playing golf when the temperature is 30°C then Thailand is waiting for you in spring time.

Starting from June it is rainy season in Thailand. It is raining every day, however rain is not lasting longer that one hour. Golf courses are drying out fast, so even in the rainy season golf lovers are coming to Thailand. Keep in mind that prices are the lowest in this season, so it is a good option for holidays in Thailand if you are on a budget.

There are no doubts that Thailand has everything for golf players and it does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner.

Are you still thinking weather to go to holidays in Thailand?

Högskoleprovet – Swedish University Admittance Exam

21 jun 2011

The Högskoleprovet is a university admittance exam in Sweden. When applying for a course or study program in a college or university in Sweden, part of the applicants are admitted on the basis of their high school grades and part based on their Högskoleprovet exam results.

The exam can be taken twice each year, once in the spring and once in the autumn. The test is comprised of two blocks – a quantitative and a verbal. The quantitative block of the Högskoleprovet tests the examinees mathematical and logical skills while the verbal block (obviously) tests language and vocabulary.

The quantitative block of the Högskoleprovet is comprised of four parts: NOG (logical skills), XYZ (math), KVA (quantitative analysis) and DTK (analysis of diagrams and maps). The verbal block also consists of four parts: ORD (Swedish vocabulary test), MEK (sentence completion), LÄS (reading comprehension) and ELF (reading comprehension in English).

In order to do well on the Högskoleprovet exam, it is important to practice high school-level mathematics, since all of the mathematical problems can be solved through the help of formulas and equation solving taught in high school. For the verbal part of the exam it is recommended to read a lot and to practice ones vocabulary using dictionaries and encyclopedias. One should also get copies of past tests (they are available for free online) in order to practice. To score well on the Högskoleprovet many students also choose to purchase a practice book containing pedagogical explanations and helpful hints.

The Högskoleprovet is popular among residents of Sweden and it is taken by tens of thousands each year.

GYM Trends for Women's Shoes

4 apr 2011

Celebrity trend setters still manage to look good whilst getting to the Gym, so what can you do to get that casual look and still be able to get a good work out? So many celebrities manage to pull off the casual look on their way to the gym. They all manage to tie together their cool looks with practical yet stylish footwear so how about pulling on some new sneakers?

Check out UK Style icon Fearne Cotton showing us how to pull of the cons look.

Although not quite the thing you want to run a treadmill with, Katy Perry proves that not just Mrs. Beckham can be sporty and flawlessly pulling off some skyscraper wedges by Adidas.

I can see a bit of a contest at the moment between Adidas and Converse with both of them releasing new lines of women's shoes.

We spotted these new Adidas Originals Concord Round over at Zalando. The shoe is a casual but elegant urban women's shoe, and a perfect solution to keeping fit and on trend. The low cut shoe has a soft leather upper and flashes the Adidas 3 stripe in a cool mirrored finish. These are the perfect women's shoes for someone wanting to look great and be able to keep up with their sports and fitness. Perfect for gym wear or for games, so a girl can really look their best whilst working out. Converse releasing their new customizable low top Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Satin range which is bold, bright and stylish, made with shiny patent leather in a range of colours, you can create your very own look to really tie together your GYM outfit. The new range holds just the right amount of over the top style and coolness to pull of the same sort of casual look as the celebs.

I feel that the difference between the shoes is all in the approach of each girl's use of their style. If you want to go for the more serious sports approaches but still maintain your femininity and also keep up appearance on court or track then Adidas are the shoes for you. Though if you are into a more bold statement and cool urban style or even if you're little bit more light-hearted about your gym experience then Converse are the shoes for you - plus they are still incredible functional so you can really enjoy your work out. So take a look at these sports shoes and rock that casual gym cool too.

Finding Good Colocation Server Hosting

22 feb 2011

server-hostingWhat is the best way to finding the best colocation hosting, and you can really trust those who recommend various web hosting companies to the right and left? Are there any quick tips that can help you? Yes, there are various ways to find a good web host, and there is one specific method that beats them all.

Go to an active forum for internet marketers where professionals ruthlessly judge the hosting companies. You may need to read many threads before you find the colocation that suits you best, but a shortcut is to simply post a question about which company would fulfill your needs best! Noramlly you get a good answer and comments from various professionals. One such forum is located at a meeting place for Swedish webmasters. Click here to go directly to the colocation section.

Legal Recruitment Services

28 jan 2011

Looking for Financial & Legal Recruitment Services & Jobs? The Sellick Partnership has offices in Manchester, Midlands, Leeds & Newcastle.Sellick Partnership provide professional financial and legal recruitment services across a network of five offices nationwide. Specialising in the legal and financial sectors within the private, public and not for profit sectors, we are able to provide our employers and job seekers with a full recruitment service. In addition our specialist recruitment consultants are regionally based with offices in Manchester, Leeds, Midlands, Newcastle and the East Midlands.

Legal Recruitment Services

DUI Lawyer in San Diego

21 jan 2011

DUI Lawyer in San Diego provides quality legal representation from a San Diego DUI attorney if you are in a situation facing DUI charges. The San Diego DUI Specialists are located 402 West Broadway, Ste 400 #4023, San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 330-5815. If you are arrested for a DUI you will be given a document by the arresting officer.  This document has information regarding the consequences of the offense, but more importantly it gives crucial information about your right to challenge the loss of your license by requesting an administrative APS hearing.  A San Diego DUI Lawyer can assist you in protecting your rights.

Study aids

17 jan 2011

study aidStudy aids website can help you when you are so occupied that you do not even have time to attend lectures. Of course, then another question arise, should you enter the university at all ... Anyway, situations vary and if you had time for studies six months ago, it doesn't mean you will have time today. Therefore it is good if you can have online assistance when writing your course works, course papers, essays and dissertations. In this site you can even download free course papers, essays and dissertations in various topics - MBA, business administration, marketing etc.

Personal injury claims

16 jan 2011

Personal injury claims can be solved by Sokolove Law. They help you with the right to know your legal options regarding personal injury claims. For 30 years, Sokolove Law has helped people to get the legal support they need, regardless of race or income.

Web hosting

15 jan 2011

Web Hosting includes list of the best and top web hosting providers who are both reliable and affordable. Web hosting is important if you have your own home page or blog. It is important because on the hosting depends will your site will be available 24/7 or just sometimes (and you will never know exactly when it will be). It becomes even more important (even critical) when it is site of your business. Of course, you want be accessible to your customers 24/7. Host your website at the cheapest price.

UK Theory Test

14 jan 2011

UK Theory test pass is needed to get the driving licence. And that's not all, you need also to pass practical driving test. For this goal it is important to practice driving theory and practical driving. Your chances on both these tests depends on your knowledge and how comfortable you feel behind the wheel. It means - practice, practice and again practice. Try to practice online mock theory tests as much as possible. I recommend online mock theory tests, because it is a guarantee you will get all DSA theory test questions and you will get them in different order each time you practice.

UK theory test

Business rating services

14 jan 2011

Pounds is your source for business rating services, local business listings, reviews, and ratings. Find hotspots and cool events in your hometown quickly and easily with the best ratings and review site on the Web. This site is useful if you are thinking about buying or selling any company and if you want to know how much the particular company is worth. Of course, the more you know about company, the more precise the rate is. It is essential to understand that any asset of the company has impact on its rate. Not always this impact is positive. It could be also negative in case of mortgage etc.

Asbestos exposure

14 jan 2011

Asbestos exposure and other facts about asbestos are not well discussed in media. Therefore global blogging media world offers you good resource where you can find everything about asbestos and its health risks. Read everything from the history of its usage to an overview of asbestos laws and symptoms and types of diseases and cancers associated with asbestos exposure. It is not every day’s topic covered during lunch time. However, this issue is essential for you because our living conditions impact our health. Asbestos can be in every building. Particular care and attention is needed if you work in construction works. Take care! Thanks to informative campaigns run, the doctors now start to ask their patients about living conditions and try to consider also factor of asbestos to explain reasons for unclear symptoms and disease.

asbestos disease

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